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11 Data Driven Tactics To Drive Multi-Channel Engagement

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Our partners at Swrve specialize in the entire process of building and delivering effective, meaningful campaigns. Data and deep consumer behaviour insight is at the core of their approach. Here’s how you can win more moments of customer engagement with relevance at scale with DSG and Swrve.

Swrve’s new data report 11 Data Driven Tactics To Drive Multi-Channel Engagement has pooled together their knowledge from years of experience to bring you 11 tactics across four stages of the customer lifecycle:

  • Onboarding and Conversion
  • Adoption and Retention
  • Monetization
  • Advocacy & Customer Satisfaction

Their 11 tactics all demonstrate examples of how our customers employed their user data to significantly improve the metrics that matter and win more moments of engagement with their audience.

Stage One: Onboarding and Conversion

Over 20% of all mobile app installs are used just once and then never again, which leads to 95% of new app users never becoming paying customers.

Make your onboarding experience compelling and educational and use data to make decision quickly and dynamically, so that your users see the value of your app and make the step to conversion.

Stage Two: Adoption and Retention

We are all aware that it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. 

Raise awareness of new and underused features to keep your users engaged with your app, and set up recovery messages to remind users of their purchases in progress to increase roi and retention.

Stage Three: Monetization

Avoiding churn and persuading your users to become paying customers is the ultimate way to grow your business. But as we know, only 20% of first-time buyers will make another purchase in your app.

Create micro-targeting, multi-faceted campaigns to increase purchasability and drive revenue to your brand. 

Stage Four: Advocacy and Customer Satisfaction

In-app surveys have reimagined the way we measure our customers’ satisfaction, and are also a great tool to increase App store ratings and reviews.

Your data when used correctly will enable you to choose the right channel, at the right time which will boost engagement and completion rates. 

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