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Social Media – the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

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BLOG (19)The shift in mind-set, protocols and culture that social media calls for, brings with it good, bad and ugly eventualities that organisations should be aware of and prepared for.  Social Media activities are best applied when the customer is awarded the power to market and affirm their preferred brands. Admittedly, with this shift in culture, comes a degree of risk and apprehension when building a social business. Social media marketing can be characterised as a 3 dimensional prism, equally opportunistic but with varying sentiment and results.



The Good – Advocacy

When Social Media is administered well, planned for, credible and sincerely adopted into the culture of a social business, it has the influence to persuade, convert and subscribe customers into long term relationships. Through the consistent delivery of a brand’s promise, social advocacy has a far reaching influence on social networks.

 Effective social media marketing can result in

-          Product or service advocacy

-          Brand association and conversion

-          Brand virality and word of mouth referrals

-          Social Credibility

The Bad – Detraction

While Social Media can offer the promise of advocacy and community, it too has a dark side that when neglected can do more damage than good. When embarking on a social journey, brands are best prepared when they have a strategy in place to field engagement that may elicit negative sentiment and detraction. “The haters will hate” which is a truth that should be revered. Each negative comment or challenge should be viewed as a gap to gather valuable voice of the customer feedback. VoC creates opportunity to improve customer experience and remove CX pain points detracting from building lasting relationships and conversions.

 Negative commentary allows a brand to;

-          Refine existing CX strategies

-          Respond to market misconceptions

-          Acknowledge when a service or product fails

-          Cultivate research and development through VoC

The Ugly - Social PR Crisis

Paired with a public presence and an unprecedented vocal audience, a PR crisis can move from being a mediocre media bubble to a 360 degree brand backlash in a very short period of time when spread across a social network. An organisation’s social presence should be underpinned by a plan to mediate and mitigate risk associated to any type of social media crises. By means of preparing a “soundproof” social media crisis management protocol, will offer a steady footing and much needed guidance when under the threat of a visible crisis.