Maharishi Institute

Renowned for their pan- African presence and with a reputation for delivering world-class CX and Technology Services, DSG’s impact sourcing solution, in partnership with the Maharishi Institute, drives the education and skills development of South Africa’s youth workforce. Reducing youth unemployment, a glaring concern in the country and even more so in a post-pandemic economic climate, DSG in partnership with the Maharishi Institute offers the first virtually free university to South African learners.

DSG offers an integrated Customer Experience, which seeks to drive consistent, unique, and differentiated customer experiences across complex channels. With a proven track record and industry-recognised approach to managing a 24/7 x 365 contact centre, this unique solution in the management of people, processes and technologies ensures that we remain effective while offering flexible operating models including an occupied hour approach.

This pioneering and collaborative expansion between Digital Solutions Group (DSG) and the Maharishi Institute has resulted in a joint venture and impact-sourcing solution that supports Black-Economic Empowerment, addresses youth unemployment, affordable education, socio-economic upliftment, and relevant skills taught to thousands of underprivileged South African youths.

46664 Global campaign

As the approved and official ITC partner for the 46664 Global Campaign, Digital Solutions Group was awarded the opportunity to design a world-class interactive application for the 46664 AIDS benefit concerts played in honour of Nelson Mandela. Hosted at various locations during different events across South African and abroad, these internationally attended music events aimed to raise critical awareness of the spread of HIV/AIDS in South Africa. DSG was successful in the design, development, and deployment of state-of-the-art technology that enabled SMS messages sent to the 46664-text line, displayed directly on the live on-site screens and broadcast to television, and on associated websites during the events.

DSG continues to support initiatives established to maintain the legacy of Nelson Mandela, including The Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital Trust. Playing their part in building a strong foundation for children, DSG has remained committed to creating and maintaining the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital online store where various Madiba branded mechanise is sold all over the globe.

United Against Malaria - Goodbye Malaria

Working together with United Against Malaria (now Goodbye Malaria), in collaboration with the Bill & Merinda Gates Foundation, DSG assisted in establishing an e-commerce facility to assist with fundraising through the sale of United Against Malaria bracelets and other merchandise. And, as a continuum of this project DSG, together with Nando’s, Standard Bank, DSTV and MTN were also key stakeholders in launching a mobile learning platform used throughout Africa and made available in seven different languages. With results that exceeded every expectation, the mobile learning platform project would later be awarded honorary recognition by the United Nations.

In more recent times DSG has gone on to launch an online store for Goodbye Malaria branded clothing and merchandise in collaboration with hugely talented local fashion designers like Tshepo the Jean Maker.

Abundant Village

At DSG, we believe in the power of community and the importance of giving back. As part of our corporate and social contribution initiatives, we recently partnered with Abundant Village to build their website on the Squarespace platform, free of charge. This project highlights our commitment to supporting sustainable development and community resilience.

About Abundant Village

Abundant Village collaborates with communities to create strategic plans tailored to their unique needs, implementing key services and critical infrastructure. By offering minimal viable income models and minimal viable resource models, Abundant Village fosters lasting local solutions that build resilient, thriving communities. This initiative includes:

  • Clean Water: Digging wells and boreholes to provide clean water for the village and surrounding communities.
  • Nutrition Programs: Partnering with Kingdom Foods to offer nutritious food at an affordable cost and exploring aquaponic solutions for sustainable farming.
  • Affordable Energy: Collaborating with solar and wind power providers and safe battery backup suppliers to ensure reliable energy access.
  • Housing and Buildings: Enhancing existing structures with repairs and new utilities and working with rapid-building companies for new construction projects.
  • Health Clinic: Promoting health through nutritious foods, exercise, natural remedies, and a medicinal garden.
  • Education: Delivering tailored educational content through partnerships with online and local providers.
  • Job Opportunities: Creating jobs based on local skills and needs, including remote customer service, technical support, construction, and entrepreneurship.

Our Contribution

At DSG, we are proud to have supported Abundant Village in their mission by creating a comprehensive and user-friendly website. This project not only showcases our technical expertise but also our dedication to social responsibility and community empowerment. We invite you to visit the Abundant Village website to learn more about their incredible work and the impact they are making.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Through initiatives like this, DSG continues to demonstrate our commitment to making a positive impact. We believe that by working together, we can create sustainable solutions that benefit communities around the world. If you are interested in partnering with us or learning more about our corporate and social contributions, please contact us.

Together, Doing Something Great.