Effortless Password security from anywhere, LogMeIn LastPass is a central online password manager that connects employees to their work While maintaining complete visibility and control over user access, no matter where your team is working. From Single sign-on (SSO) and Enforce Multi-factor Authentication(MFA) that adds a layer of login security to Secure Password Sharing LastPass secures every password-protected entry point to your business.


Maintain complete visibility and control over employee access, no matter where the team working With a suite of LogMeIn LastPass solutions:


Single sign-on (SSO) enables IT to grant access to applications, all With the flexibility to revoke access as needed.

MFA adds a layer Of security to every login, assuring IT that employees are Who they say they are. Adding MFA
across applications, workstations and VPN helps organizations maintain security across every access point, and biometrics help make the authentication experience seamless.

While IT maintains control over the shared credentials, Secure password sharing makes it easy for teams to securely share credentials, so everyone has access to what they need.

password management can help prevent phishing schemes by never auto-filling credentials on suspicious sites, so employees can seamlessly log in while IT mitigates risk.

With the right IAM strategy in place, the transition to a remote workforce can be made easier, Lastpass

Identity can help secure and empower your remote workforce through unified single sign-on, password management and MFA to keep employees productive and the business secure.