Digital Resilience considers the ability to defend their data from malicious cybercriminals a necessity and not a luxury. That’s because security usually comes with a massive price tag. Eventually, your organization will be attacked. When this happens, your SOC team’s skillsets, including playbook know-how, detection and investigation skills, teamwork and communication skills, and security tool operation, will be put to the test. However, conventional training courses do not prepare incident response teams for the intense experience of a cyberattack. SOC teams are unprepared and overwhelmed.


Cyberbit was created to address this critical gap. Introducing a new training approach, Cyberbit ensures your team has the right knowledge, skills, and experience by providing a hyper-realistic, virtual SOC environment where your team can learn the knowledge required, perfect their technical skills by practicing in cyber labs, and eventually apply their skill set and abilities by responding to real-world, simulated cyberattacks and dramatically improve their skills.


Your SOC team’s time is precious. They need their training to be accessible, so they can train before or after a shift without leaving the office. Cyberbit is a cloud-based solution allowing your team to log in anytime, anywhere, and start a simulated training session within minutes.


Progress doesn’t happen in a day; it takes time and effort. Therefore, to help our trainees improve their preparedness when facing cyber-attacks, we must create a learning environment that is flexible yet goal-oriented, ensuring your team is progressing and continuing to develop.


Cyberbit provides a catalogue of over 60 out-of-the-box training exercises for blue and red teams in different difficulty levels. Our exercises are designed to train a variety of roles including Tier-1 analysts, Tier-2 analysts, IT experts, SOC managers, forensic experts, penetration testers (red teams), and security executives. In the catalogue, you can also filter exercises according to the NICE framework.

Cyberbit’s’ catalogue creates a flexible learning environment where trainees can learn and develop knowledge and technical skills on a variety of topics. To focus training time, Cyberbit includes customizable learning paths to ensure trainees are focused on the right knowledge or skills required for success in their role.



Choose and instantly launch your preferred virtual network infrastructure out of several pre-built network templates. Cyberbit’s cyber range provides a set of out-of-the-box sub-networks containing enterprise IT servers, endpoints, and market-leading networking and security tools.


Train your teams using market-leading security products. Cyberbit provides a variety of commercial SIEMs, firewalls, endpoint security systems, and analysis tools, allowing your trainees to practice using the same tools they would use in real-life. Some of the tools included are Check Point, Palo Alto Networks Firewalls, Splunk, MicroFocus Arcsight, QRadar SIEMs, McAfee Endpoint Security, Network Management Systems (NMS), and anti-virus tools.


Cyberbit trainees experience real-world attacks simulated by an automated attack generator which means trainees are given the unique opportunity to experience elaborate attacks without the involvement of a red team. Choose from an extensive catalogue of simulated scenarios, from entry-level to advanced, multi-stage attacks spanning several hours. Train individuals or teams, from tier-1 analysts to SOC managers and red teams. Cyberbit’s training scenarios are crafted by training experts and malware researchers based on real-life attacks and are aligned with NICE Cybersecurity Framework KSA’s.

The Only Cybersecurity Skilling Platform that covers the Entire Training Spectrum including;

Cyber Range

The world's most advanced cyber range, available on-demand, immerse your team in hyper-realistic, simulated attacks on the included cyber range to take their experience, skillset, and teamwork to the next level.

Cyber Labs

A diverse catalogue of skilling labs enables your team to experience the latest attacker tactics, understand the tools, and perfect their detection, analysis, investigation, and remediation skills.

Live-Fire Cyber Range Exercises

Immerse your team in hyper-realistic, simulated attacks, With the world's largest catalogue of on-demand, collaborative cyber range exercises, you will prepare your team to be at their best when responding to real- world incidents.

Automated Performance Assessment

Cyberbit Range continuously measures your team's performance across labs and live-fire cyber range exercises.

Aligned with Industry Standards

Align With NICE KSAs, NIST Incident Response Framework. and MITRE ATT&CK, to accurately benchrnark

your team's skills and verify that they have experienced the full range Of attacker techniques — live.


Real-World Tools and Infrastructure

Train on the actual tools you Will be using on the job. Labs and exercises feature tools by Splunk, Palo Alto,

Check Point, MacAfee and more, so your team can maximize the impact of their training.

Delivering Over 500,000 Hours of Training Annually, CYBERBIT Range has been adopted by a broad range of industries including;