Our Solutions

About True IO

True IO is dedicated to building digital trust for humans, assets, and IoT devices through innovative tokenisation solutions. Our mission is to enhance security, portability, and provenance across the Internet of Things, enabling new levels of enterprise value and cooperation.


Universal Communication Identifier (UCID)

The UCID is a unique ID stamped on any digital asset or network device, allowing teams to track assets across multiple networks seamlessly. This solution ensures security and provenance for IoT devices and financial supply chains.

Tokenisation Solutions

Tokenisation serves as the foundation of the digital economy, enabling secure and efficient value exchange and ownership tracking. It supports new business models, such as automated micro-payments and pay-per-use models for connected devices.

Digital Names (Coming Soon)

Transform complex public wallet keys into simple, human-readable names. This service will simplify the process of sending and receiving digital assets, reducing errors and increasing security through enterprise-grade blockchain protocols.

True IO Labs

Our R&D team explores enterprise-level use cases for tokenisation, data privacy, and legacy system overhauls. We are open to partnership opportunities to advance these initiatives.

NFTys.io (Coming Soon)

A curated NFT marketplace that bridges the digital and physical worlds. NFTys.io offers NFTs as a Service (NaaS), collaborating with creatives and organisations to develop and implement economically viable NFT strategies.