Protecting your Customer from themselves, WMC Global Offers Worldwide Brand and Customer Protection at Scale with solutions that encompass all market verticals and digital service sectors that fall prey to online security and phishing scams. Offering a complete consumer protection suite, from Brand Protection to Threat Detection, Compliance Assurance, Threat Intelligence, Threat Takedown, Phishing Intelligence, and market compliance to name just a few, WMC Global is a market leader in digital threat intelligence, fighting text messaging spam, eradicating phishing attacks, keeping cybercriminals from targeting brands and monitoring consumer experiences for industry compliance.

Because Even Your Smartest Customer Can Be Distracted,

WMC Global offers 3603 Threat detection ensuring;



Customer Trust- Giving your customers the peace of mind they expect.
Secure Data — The Safeguarding Of personal information against split-second digital choices. Client Freedom — Shielding your brand and customers from ongoing cyber threats.

With an established expertise in the mobile sector WMC Global brings together various industries, sharing threat intelligence and boosting individual security profiles by Offering solutions that include;

Delivering world-class threat intelligence solutions coupled With a full suite Of takedown and brand protection measures, Our PhishFeed platform distributes unique data at scale to provide enhanced and efficient brand protection, ensuring you offer the best care to your customers.

Utilising data from disparate sources and engaging multiple technologies in Our suite to form a second line Of defence in fighting threats that slip through the cracks, Threat Detect is the ultimate threat intelligence platform and blocking/filtering system.

protecting the value of mobile messaging so it continues to grow, with a holistic approach to market compliance creates strong incentives for positive customer experiences.